the story so far......

The History of everything

The Bassist tale

Once upon a time, in the void of darkness and stillness, a sound echoed throughout the universe, a sound that would forever be etched in the annals of time. It was the sound of creation itself, a resonating E bass note that birthed the cosmos into existence. As the sands of time trickled down to the halfway point, a mortal soul sat in his office, basked in the glow of a flickering strip light, dreaming of forging a musical alliance. Days came and went, and the urge to realize this goal grew ever stronger.
In a local tavern, the man met with like-minded souls, discussing the crucial matter at hand. Suddenly, a towering figure of almost godly prowess emerged, his presence sending shockwaves through the room. He spoke a revelatory truth that left jaws agape and hearts racing - Steve on drums, Steve on guitar, and Dan on guitar - surely the makings of a band were already within their midst! Yet, just as quickly, the mood soured as they pondered who among them could harness the sheer power and magnitude of the most potent musical instrument ever created.
In that moment, the wise and powerful demigod locked eyes with them, his gaze warping their very souls. And with a single, exhilarating command, he uttered the words that would forever change their destiny - "Hold my Guinness!"


dan - Guitar & Vocals

I’ve known Colin since we were kids at school. We always had a shared take on music, even then - Big guitars, hooky riffs, melodic but dramatic; something epic...

I never grew out of that!

Meeting the rest of the guys was one of those twists of circumstances and, after the first couple of sessions, I knew we had something different with real potential to grow.

For me, Unit 5 is a sonic laboratory – Five diverse musical perspectives experimenting with ideas, exploring what’s possible and driving each other forwards technically and creatively; it’s great chemistry!

steve - drums & percussion

I was that mortal soul sat in my office dreaming of forming a band.

I met my bandmates in a local pub, where we discovered our shared passion for playing music.

 Together, we formed Unit 5 in summer 2022 with the goal of creating a distinctive sound that blends our diverse musical interests. We've had a blast making music together and we hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoy playing.

steve - guitar & vocals

The Legend of Steve (Fabulous) Jones and the Birth of Unit 5

Steve (Fabulous) Jones was born in the wilderness of Middlesex and raised by a kindly she-ape named Kala. At age 12, he received a guitar for Christmas, which became the center of his world and consumed his teenage masturbatory years. Soon after, with a fake ID, a cheap Fender Strat copy, and 3 chords, he has played in all night bars and working men’s clubs, carving out his future.

Fast forward a few decades, 250 guitar picks, 6 bands, 2 tours, 3 managers, one ex wife, buckets of booze and bags of pot sees the still dashing Mr. Fabulous lounging in his local bar chatting to affable local who, lacking the higher  functioning for much else, learned to play bass (in a week)

The local, well-connected oik, introduced Mr. Fabulous to the shredder, the banger, and the fixer, giving birth to Unit 5.

Dumping the dodgy-dad-band covers identity, the band's writing takes the center stage. Each member bringing different musical influences to the table, the result is a wonderfully eclectic set of original music, bringing varied musical backgrounds to the forefront.

From rock to reggae, acoustic ballads to screaming solos, quirky and clever lyrics or poignant prose, Unit 5's music is diverse and captivating.

Fabulous says “The best thing about Five is the freedom to bring anything to the party.   And the joyful thing is that what starts off as a 2D sketch is turned into 3D Cinemax by the time served talent of the collective - it’s a beautiful thing to be part of”